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  • Rooflights and Lanterns

    Lanterns and Rooflights

    For those who have a requirement for more natural light there are rooflights and lanterns to consider

    Korniche Aluminium Lantern Roofs

    Flood your living space with natural light

    With classic timber lines and constructed from the best in modern materials, ‘Choices’ Korniche Aluminium Lantern Roofs Combine smart engineering with inspirational design to immerse your home in the outside world.

    If you are going classic you can have symmetrical rafters with smaller glass spans and if you want to go modern, you can specify minimal rafters giving some of the biggest glazing spans available.

    Transform your living space

    A modern take on the classic Victorian-era lantern roofs, the Korniche roof lantern comes in bespoke designs and a range of colours to transform your living space with light.

    Narrow sightlines

    Reminiscent of traditional timber structures, its award-winning aluminium rafters and spas provide some of the narrowest sightlines available, with no visible fixings and seamless joints throughout.

    Beautiful aesthetics

    Where the spas end, they are fitted with an aluminium die-cast end cap sculpted to fit perfectly with no visible fixings, maintaining the beautiful aesthetics inside and out.

    Why Korniche Roof Lantern?

    The Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern is designed brighter and engineered better

    A Korniche roof lantern does more than alter the appearance of your living space. By flooding the room with natural light, it changes the way the space works. How it feels. Just as each homeowner has a unique vision, Korniche offers custom designs to bring that vision to life.

    Die-cast aluminium components

    Thanks to aluminum, Korniche’s die-cast parts are crafted with high precision and tight tolerances. This approach provides outstanding weather resistance, efficient heat retention, low maintenance, and a striking look.

    Expert roof detail

    The Korniche roof lantern features a straightforward design, allowing for installation in minutes and glazing in seconds. It’s the quickest and most convenient kit to install on the market.

    Strong weight bearing

    The Korniche aluminium roof lantern is expertly designed for maximum strength and rigidity, allowing it to support the largest glass panels in the industry without requiring extra rafters.

    Seamless fixings

    With hidden fasteners and smooth, seamless joints, your roof lantern doesn’t just transform the appearance of your living space—it transforms its entire ambiance.

    Thermally broken

    The roof lantern is designed with complete thermal breaks, where the external aluminum components are isolated from the internal ones. This design significantly reduces heat transfer.

    Asthetically pleasing from every angle

    At each end of the spas, an aluminum die-cast end cap is seamlessly integrated, ensuring a flawless fit with no visible fasteners, preserving the sleek aesthetics down to the last detail.

    Korniche Product Walk Through

    Korniche Roof Lantern Configuration Options

    Dimension Requirements

    The Korniche Aluminium Lantern Roof has a range of configuration options:

    • Bespoke sizes up to 6m x 4m
    • Fixed 25˚pitch
    • 24mm double glazed units
    • Largest rectangular lantern with only 4 glass units: 3m x 2.5m (external size)
    • Largest overall rectangular lantern size: 6m x 4m (external size)
    • Largest Pyramid lantern with only 4 glass units: 2.5m x 2.5m (external size)
    • Largest Pyramid lantern: 4m x 4m (external size)


    Configuration 1

    Configuration 2

    Configuration 3

    Configuration 4

    Configuration 5

    Configuration 6

    Configuration 7

    Configuration 8

    Configuration 9

    Configuration 10

    Configuration 11

    Configuration 12

    Korniche Roof Lantern Colours

    Standard Colour Swatches

    Gloss White

    RAL 9010

    Matt Anthracite Grey

    RAL 7016

    Matt Black

    RAL 9005

    Available in any RAL colour

    Available in a range of Single and Dual RAL Colour finishes.

    Standard Colour Examples

    Gloss White

    RAL 9010

    Matt Anthracite Grey

    RAL 7016

    Matt Black

    RAL 9005

    Glass Colours




    Korniche Lantern Surveying Guide

    This guide provides detailed instructions, expert tips, and essential information to help you measure and survey with confidence. Download now and start your journey to a brighter, more beautiful living space with a Korniche roof lantern.

    Opal logo

    'Choices' Opal Rooflights

    High Performance Aluminium Rooflight

    The Opal Rooflight is a high performance rooflight that is modern, slimline and easily maintained, making it perfect for any home. It is preassembled and with a one piece fixing method, it is the fastest and most secure rooflight to install.

    Internal shot of Opal Rooflight
    Internal shot of Opal Rooflight in kitchen extension

    Why consider a 'Choices' Rooflight?

  • ✅ Ultra modern, slimline design

  • ✅ Low profile design makes for easy maintenance

  • ✅ One-piece fixing method for fast installation

  • ✅ Modular and bespoke sizes available

  • ✅ Suitable for residential properties

  • ✅ Thermally broken aluminium frame

  • ✅ Available in any RAL colour

  • Any RAL Colour

    RAL Swatch
    Any RAL Colour